Marc by MJ fall releases

  1. does anyone have any idea when all of the fall bags will be released? after looking at the runway pictures there are so many bags i want to look at :tender: but most of them aren't being sold yet so i'm trying to wait patiently :Push: so does anyone when ALL of the fall bags will be sold online (like at elux or Saks or NM). i seriously want the big leather shopper, but they only have the small version on elux right now.
  2. I have a feeling a "new" set of M by MJ bags are due between now and early October. There were patent bags on the runway that weren't on and I haven't seen them online anywhere else. But recently in my September magazines, I've seen a few M by MJ bags. So I think they'll be trickling out within the next few weeks.
  3. I can't wait! I love mbyMJ bags!!

    Eluxury has a lot of new bags at the moment but nothing has caught my eyes yet. I shall keep you updated if I see anything (or hear anything) in stores
  4. lots of bags at the marc by marc jacobs stores
    melrose one they have the shopper and patent ones
  5. I love the ones Zappos carries!! I want those on NAP now!!
  6. really? man, i would give so much to see those babies IRL :crybaby: i can't believe they don't have a single M by MJ store in the DC area. preposterous! :hysteric:

    thanks everyone! please PLEASE PM me if you guys see anything new from the M by MJ line. i really want to see the patent and leather shoppers (the BIG ones) and the patent satchel that i saw on the runway.

    oh and Shopbop has a cute new bag up. here's a pic[​IMG]

    Shopbop's the only place where i've seen this. it's not on elux or any of the dept store sites. i like this version MUCH more than the white S/S one. overall the F/W leather is so much nicer. i get excited just thinking about it :love:
  7. ^ ah just kidding about that bag from Shopbop! elux just updated and they have that bag in the Chocolate color! yummy
  8. has these bags and they have a 20% off coupon flouting around.
  9. I just ordered the Totally Turnlock bowler in dark brown, and I used the 25% off code "dominodeals."


    P.S. The picture is the bag in black.
  10. ^thank you so much!!
  11. they have some at bloomies two weeks ago.
  12. Oh man! I wish I saw this earlier, I just got the same bag but without the code (and not from the site) :Push:
  13. ditto...
    :sad: :sad: :sad:
  14. they have the patent bags. the HUGE ONES.
    trust me, they're HUGE.
    mbymj store on melrose. charge send