Marc by MJ Bag (Rose)

  1. I saw this bag online at Then went out and purchased it. Online it looked red, but it's actually an a pinkish orange color (the label says Rose) I like it but it will be next to impossible to find a pair of shoes to match. I could always go with a nude patent leather shoe though. What do you think of this color? It's cute for summer/spring though.

  2. I love it! :nuts: But I'm not afraid of color and would carry that bag in a heartbeat. It's so pretty. I hope you keep it!
  3. I love love love it! And like luvpurses wouldn't hesitate to carry it!
  4. I love the color and I think its perfect year round! It's a keeper for sure! :biggrin:
  5. Love it! One of my favorite colors! Great score.
  6. Thanks ladies. I'm going to keep it. My SO thinks the color is hot, which says a lot since he's really picky.