Marc by MJ bag owners: does ur inside label say Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc Jacobs?

  1. I'm asking bc I ordered two bags, same bag, but different color from two different from Saks and another from Zappos, but when I receive it, it was slightly had an inside label of Marc Jacobs or Marc by Marc Jacobs? Is this possible? Please let me know. Thank you.
    Btw, it is the Tina Turnlock one..thans ;)
  2. are u just talking about the lining? the lining has marc jacobs like scrambled.. and the tag inside says marc by marc jacobs i orderd mine from Saks
  3. that's strange! historically from what I've seen, Marc by MJ always has just Marc Jacobs on the nameplate, half in black, the other half in white.
  4. I just received a MBMJ Teri Tote that has the MBMJ sleeper bag and the MBMJ placard on the inside. I also purchased a MBMJ softy tote but it came in a MJ sleeper bag and has a MJ placard. I dunno!!!!:confused1:
  5. Ooops! Both were purchased at Saks!
  6. Mine have Marc in black and Jacobs in white as well. Or vice versa.
  7. my marc by marc jacobs bag has the inside tag half black and half white it says marc jacobs as some of you have described and my dust bag says marc jacobs
  8. princesslisa, I love your dior bag! I am lusting for the bowler in white...
  9. is the marc jacobs on your dustbag/placard the same color? as in both the 'marc' and the 'jacobs' are in black or is one in black and one in grey?

    one of my new mbymj bag has "marc by marc jacobs" on the dustbag and my old ones just have 'marc jacobs' in two colors.

  10. The teri has the mbmj in two colors and the softy has the mj in two colors (0n both the dust bag and placard). I thought the softy was from the MBMJ line, so I am a bit confused!:shrugs:
  11. That's what my turnlock bowler is like.
  12. my m bj mj says "marc" in black and the "by marc jacobs" in white my dust bag also say marc by marc jacobs in different colors cant remember which is what color though
  13. It is the MbyMJ line. And you did get the correct dustbag and placard.

    The collection's dustbag has Marc Jacobs in one color whereas the MbyMJ has it in two different colors. That's how you differentiate between the two. My MbyMJ shoes are like that too, they say Marc Jacobs on the box but Marc is in one color and Jacobs is in another color.
  14. Wow thats strange
  15. Can you show pictures? I don't have MbyMJ line so I'm very curious to see this.