Marc by Marc Wallet

  1. I've had my eye on this wallet for a while, and in a few days my friend is going to New York, and she said she could look for one for me.
    I've only seen the wallet on eluxury though, do you think they would sell it at Saks or a place like that?
    Also, does anyone else have it and if so, whats your experience been with it so far.

    Here is a pic: [​IMG]

  2. Saks sells a bunch of marc clothing and accessories. i haven't seen smaller accessories at Saks though
    the marc store can ship to you as well

    i saw the bronze/silver one at the store and it was a really cute style and good size for cc, etc... the snap fasteners were a bit of an annoyance, however.
  3. I think select macy*s would carry it. I've see na lot of marc by marc accessories at my local macy*s and I heard one of's macys has a lot of marc by marc too.

    it's a cute wallet! the interior of my max bag has that print, SO cute