Marc By Marc Turnlock Bowler????

  1. I realize this bag is nearly impossible to find but I really one want one :drool: Any suggestions as to where I can locate one?

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. maybe you'd have a better chance of finding a heidi?
  3. Thanks Luna. You are probably right! Plus I spoke with a pfer who had one but sold it. She said she found it a bit heavy.
  4. I have the Turnlock Bowler in Black and it is alittle heavy, but the leather is so buttery and smells divine. It's one of my favorite bags! Just wish I would have gotten the red one too : ). The Heidi looks almost the same as the Bowler. You can always keep checking on eBay if you decide you want to get the Bowler. Good luck!!
  5. eBay? I got the heidi but returned it because it is just not as cute as the bowler
  6. eBay would be your best bet. Good luck! I love the turnlock bowler. I have it in black. It's a biiiit heavy, but nowhere near as heavy as a venetia or blake.