Marc by Marc Teri in Cordovan or Coach Red Patent Ergo? Both are off the hook to me!

  1. Whaddya think?
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  2. I'm sorry, but I don't like Coach. I think the MbMJ Teri is a way better choice. Good luck with your decision!
  3. I dont like Coach either...but Melly, come on! That Ergo tote is sexy!
  4. :lol: You're right, that red patent is gorgeous! My biggest problem with it is that a million other people will have the exact same bag. Maybe it's me but I kind of like having a bag that isn't seen as much.
  5. I know! :p

    I love being the unique and fierce female that is me! but I still love this very ubiquitous and common Coach tote! I will prolly keep the MBMJ tho. Its more gorgeous, LOL
  6. MbMJ! I'm in love with the cordovan color.
  7. well, i'll admit that i'm extremely biased here, but i would choose the teri. cordovan is a hot color for fall. that and i'm not a fan of patent leather. coach does make nice, reasonably priced leather bags though.
  8. another vote for the cordovan teri!
    i want one myself!
  9. My vote goes to the teri...but im also biased, not a huge fan of coach. The teri looks great here:

  10. I'm biased as well, I'm a MJ whore, hate anything coach, and I have a Terri Cordovan myself, love and have been using it every single day!!

    Have you try posting on Coach forum to get some fair vote?
  11. I vote Teri, but the Coach is a nice looking bag!
  12. foxiyellow, how much are these 2 bags? actually the red patent ergo arent not that bad as it doesnt show logos! dont kill me, but the red patent looks quite nice! :amuse:
  13. I vote for the MBMJ. I just love the cordovan color more than Coach's red.
  14. I also biased as I have the Teri in Cordovan and while I wasn't sure about the color at first, now I love it completely, heart and soul! :heart:

    But I do like the shape of the Coach bag!
  15. This modeling pic convinced me...I vote for the MbMJ!