Marc by Marc Shoes - Worth it?

  1. Hey shoe girls - do you think Marc by Marc shoes are worth their price? I have a few pairs from way back in the $200 area... now they're close to $400.

    I've been obsessing about a pair of wood wedges - but at $395 - should I just buy 2 pairs of Kors wedges?
  2. go for the marc jacobs ones for sure. i think one pair of marc jacobs shoes are worth more than 5 pairs of kors shoes. plus, if u like the marc ones more, youre likely to wear them more than the kors shoes...and by cost per wear, theyll be cheaper!
  3. It depends how different the designs are. If it's just a normal design that every other shoe brand has out, then just get the cheaper one because honestly, I dont think mbymj shoe quality is that great.

    i have a couple pairs and they've held up though so if you want to get it, it'll definitely last.
  4. Both of those designers cheaper brands quality dont bother me. I would go for the MbyMK over the MbyMJ though.
  5. I have about 15 pairs of Marc by Marc shoes, and the only thing that bothers me is that they recently started to source some of their shoes from China, rather than all from Italian factories.
    But the prices stayed the same, if not went up a little bit.
    The quality seems to be the same, but obviously the cheaper sourcing was not passed down to the consumer in any way..
  6. I think it's ridiculous that he charges that much for his bridge-line of shoes. You could get Blahniks with that kind of money, and I don't find M by MJ's designs or workmanship very special.
  7. This bothers me too. I feel like my older Italian-made MbyMJ shoes are worth every penny - soft leather uppers, leather soles, excellent workmanship. My newer ones that were made in China just don't seem like they are worth the money, even though I haven't had any quality issues with them :shrugs:
  8. I have 5 pairs of gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes and I love them all!!!!

    I'm so surprised to hear people having issues with their craftsmanship. My oldest pair is 4 years old and they still look & feel perfect. I adore them and I will continue to buy them. Definately worth the $ and often available on sale if you don't want to shell out.
  9. i have 2 pairs and i'm very happy with the quality. if you're patient, you'll find them on sale, i did, my mouse flats for 33% off and my black bow flats were 70% off.
  10. I haven't had any issues at all either... but honestly if I wanted made in China shoes I'd just shop at Nine West for half the price!
    I own so many pairs of shoes it's hard to say if the quality truly is different. My older pairs are from when my collection was much more limited so they have seen a lot of concrete. As for the newer ones, I've worn maybe once or twice.. so it's hard to compare.

    But I love my SAs at Marc by Marc so much that it's hard to say no when I see cute shoes. :push:

    But gymangel is right, I can almost guarantee that any pair of Marc shoes I like I'll eventually find on sale. Unless I'm very determined to own a particular pair, I shop the sale racks for Marc shoes.
  11. where did you find that???im dying looking for the mouse!!!
    and is the black bow flats = the one that have patent o it..comes w/ red or black or blue???im looking for that too!!but cant it anywhere!:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    n u got that on sale.gosh!LOL
  12. i got the mouse flats from plazatoo on sale about a year ago (I posted about it on here). i got grey patent ones. the bow flats aren't patent. they have soft white leather and a black bow on the toe. they look like these:
    but without the heel and not peep toe.
  13. I LOVE Marc by MJ shoes. You can usually get them on sale too! I think 1/4 of my shoe collection is from Marc by MJ.
  14. I have the white Marc Jacob shoes (with black ribbon bow in front) and they are so pretty! Very flattering on the leg and feet...they even come with a rubber insert for the sole (only on the front "balls of feet" part) to save you from zipsoling the sole, the rest is leather sole. Well-made and excellent quality. However, I do find them a bit hard to walk in...not sure if it's cause I still need training in high heels, or because they're uncomfortable. I wore them to the mall once and was in agony (perhaps need to break them in?)

    But anyways...definately Marc Jacobs instead of Kors

  15. ^^ I agree - not a big fan or KORS - I find Marc by MJ more comfortable (and cuter). Definitely buy on sale.