Marc by Marc Jewelry?

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  1. Do any of you know if anyone online sells Marc by Marc Jacobs jewelry? I really want the Heart Cage necklace but haven't been able to find it!
  2. Have you tried Elux or Saks?
  3. Yup, they seem to only sell the watches. I'd call the Marc by Marc store but I hear that they charge a standard $20 to ship things and that seems like a whole lot for a little necklace that'd weigh less than a pound!
  4. I haven't heard that about the MBMJ store here in nyc. You should give them a try. I was there just before Christmas and scored some really cute sunglasses, a necklace and a watch!
  5. I was just reading through and that necklace sounds cute! Hope you are able to find it!
  6. Maybe Bloomingdales? I saw a line of MJ glassware -- vases and such there so maybe they carry the jewelry too.
  7. Not sure if they have the one you are looking for - but has M by MJ jewelry now! They had some really cute stuff!
  8. I haven't seen it online anywhere, but I did see it @ the MBMJ store in Boston a few weeks ago.