Marc by Marc Jacobs

  1. Hi All!

    Need some help... Has anyone see this print Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet on a purse?

    I called the Marc by MJ store in Boston, but they've never seen the print. They think it's something that came out only to certain retailers... If anyone has any info, I'd appreciate it.
  2. that is SO CUTE!
    is it new? i'm waiting for the marc by marc spring collection to come out

    if this is new, then the purse is MOST LIKELY to come out SOON
    they always come in matching sets

    just wait a little and it should be out

    (i love the bronze one)
  3. I'm totally excited waiting for his S/S stuff to come out as well... I saw a pic in Vogue of these little "mouse" flats that were literally like mice w/ ears and little whiskers... so cute, but I haven't been able to find them either. Arrr, so frustrating!

    OT- Monotreme, cool screenname! I didn't realize til now that it's an anagram of metronome... :P
  4. here's another picture of those mouse shoes!
    [​IMG] so adorable

    oh, btw, monotreme is not an anagram of metronome.
    monotremes are mammals that produce eggs (echidna, platypus. they're the only ones! :amuse: )
  5. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: !!! They're so cute! Are those yours? *musthavemouseshoes*
  6. OT - Mono, how do post full-size pics like that? I've asked Vlad a couple time, but I can't understand his instructions. (Guess I'm not that computer-savvy)
  7. I saw that in another community, and they're soooo cute, not sure if I'd actually be able to find them though ! Boo hiss.
  8. I want these really bad, suddenly... :biggrin:
  9. are your pictures from your computer, uploaded on a site, or on a website?
    1. if computer... upload them. (
    2. if uploaded already, get the url and copy. go to reply, click the yellow box of a mountain and sun. paste the url in the popup, and it should appear on your reply
    3. if on a website, open the picture in a new box, copy the url, and follow the directions in #2

    hope this helps!
  10. Those shoes are available at my local NM--they're$295. Call the store at the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego if you really want them. I'm sure they can ship them out to you.

    The phone number is 619.691.9100 or 1.800.200.0522.
  11. hahahahaha AHHH cute shoes!!!:smile:
  12. little animal trivia. There are 3 types of mamals and the other notwell know group are the marsupials. mamals with pouches.

    Animals rock!
  13. these come in white also! i saw them at m by mj today on Melrose
    SO CUTE!
  14. sorry my last post was ot, wickedassin

    but! i have info. i asked the guy at m by mj on melrose when the bags were coming in, and he said a few weeks
    your bag is on its way! :[)
  15. those shoes are soo amazingly cute! i don't think i could drop $400CDN on a pair though..purse yes,!

    maybe i will be inspired and create my own since its just going to be a fad anyways!