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  1. hi all,
    for some reason i can't do a search on the site....i'm trying to find out some info on m by mj...i've owned several marc jacobs bags, but never an m by mj...are they a "lower" class bag by mj? it's kind of like michael by michael kors...are they "inferior" to the regular michael kors bags? i'd like some help understanding it...i don't get if these are "wannabe" bags or what!!!??
  2. Oh, I wouldn't say that they were "inferior" bags......just more affordable. The quality is still wonderful, and they are just made to suit the everyday woman who might want several handbags. Not everyone can go out and purchase bags that are over $1000 at the drop of a hat, but that woman might ease herself into the designer by dropping $300 or $400 to test the waters.....
  3. I felt up a few at Saks :graucho:, and they're really nice quality. I think they also tend to be more casual bags. But yes, they are Marc Jacobs' "lower" line.
  4. Yup, you pretty much get the same quality with a more affordable pricetag. They're not knockoffs or wannabes, they're authentic (well, only if you look at the right websites lol). I agree they tend to be a lot more casual than the regular Marc Jacobs line, but still pretty good for everyday use!
  5. The MbyMJ bags are really nice bags, they're not as expensive as MJ bags but they're nothing to be ashamed of by any means. I actually have two MbyMK bags and they're great as well, IMO anyway. They're not as expensive as the Michael Kors bags but honestly, I've never seen a Michael Kors bag that I wanted but there are three Michael by MK bags that I adore. These lines are not inferior per se, but they don't have all the bells and whistles as the more expensive ones. For example, the MbyMJ bags that I saw were not lined in suede as some of the MJ bags are.
  6. Except for the softy bags by mbymj which are cute but quality issues on the handles, I vastly prefer mbymj to the mj bags because the mj bags are so heavy you need a forklift to lift them and the mbymj bags are MUCH lighter and great quality. The mbymj turnlock Faridah hobo is my current favorite.
  7. :p OMG! this is so true!

    anyway, there are a lot of threads on m by mj at the marc jacobs forum. do check it out
  8. They are def. the lower level bag. They are cute but the leather is not as nice, nor are the finishes. But, obviously they are a fourth of the price....
  9. The leather on some of these bags are amazing, very similar to bulga leather. In particular, the turnlock line has the softest by MBMJ and is making a comeback this fall. It's cheaper, but geared more towards younger people. They're not made in Italy either, instead they are outsourced to countries like China or Indonesia. This probably makes a huge difference in price. The linings are not made of suede either, they are made of canvas.
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  11. ^ I agree. A lot of the threads are devoted to MbyMJ bags. There are a lot of devoted owners in the MJ subforum.