Marc by Marc Jacobs

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  1. I saw a Marc bag in bloomingdales yesterday and there was one hobo in a muted green color and the leather was so soft. Anyone who owns a marc bag, please convince me to buy it! I really love it, but im on the fence!
  2. I absolutely adore MbyMJ bags! They're a great deal for the money, and I've used and abused mine for, oh, 4 years and they still look like new! I love the leather, and they're casual and yet quirky, so you definitely stand out! Hehe, enabling enough? :graucho:
  3. There have been a number of posts about Marc by Marc Jacobs bags, and I think the consensus is that the leather is very soft and the quality is good for the price point.
  4. i love the green, but not the bag. im 1/2 way to enabling you 1/2m @ssed!
  5. I have a MbMJ tote, and I love it! The leather is really soft and it still looks good even though I don't take extra care of it. The only bad thing is that the leather is quite thick and with the hardware that's on it, it's a heavy tote. HTH!
  6. I too can vouch for MbyMJ totes. I have a turnlock Tina that was my constant companion this past fall. But I also recommend conditioning them every two months or so, unless you want the soft leather to lose its color and appeal.
  7. i have a black turnlock. don't know the name but it's the one that's kind of shaped like a duffel bag. i love it, the leather is both thick and durable and also incredibly soft.
  8. I really love M by should, too!
  9. MbyMJ leather/quality is tops for the price.
  10. I have seen them at Macys, Bloomies and smartbargains and they seem OK. I do not own one yet, but I am glad to hear the quality is great.
  11. While I prefer this line's RTW, the bags are nice and a comparative bargain.
  12. I have had a Mbmj for years and the leather is still wonderful. It's a really nice bag. I recently purchased the softy max but returned it because the leather on the sides of the straps were all splitting, cracking and the sealer (if that's what it's called) was chipping off on the straps. I've been eying the turnlock faridah because the leather is luscious, size is good, weight not too heavy and shoulder strap is made differently than the softy so I don't think will crack (all the softies seemed to have cracking handles when I checked at Bloomingdales). The only thing holding me back from the purchase is I am into butterscotch, luggage type color and I am tired of his green, mushroom, black, blue....I wish his color palatte was better!
  13. Marc by Marc Jacob's bags are sooo cute, and pretty good quality.

    I am planning on another MbMJ bag soon, especially a Teri or a turnlock bowler or a Heidi. Just something that is practical and looks great.


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  15. I agree!
    It's always the same moss, black, beige, chalk, sunset/caramel, carbon blue, etc.

    For some reason, I really dislike the beige colored bags for some reason!

    I think I posted this on the MJ forum but NAP will be receiving the Heidi, the Turnlock Strike, the new Faridah in canvas, and some other new bags soon! Can't wait! :nuts: