Marc by Marc Jacobs Wool Coat.

  1. I fell it love with this Marc by Marc Jacobs coat after Archipelago's post. Eluxury happens to have it on sale for $329USD now; if you wear size Large, grab this gorgeous coat. I need an extra-small, I really don't have any luck with clothing & shoes shopping.

    eLUXURY - Marc by Marc Jacobs - Marc by Marc Solid Wool Felt Coat#
    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Solid Wool Felt Coat $548.00
    SALE PRICE: $329.00
    • 78% wool, 22% cotton
    • Rounded collar
    • Long sleeves with two-button cuffs
    • Double-breasted with three buttons down
    • Front slant pocket with buttons
    • Belt detail with two buttons at back
    • Fully lined
    COLOR: Black
    SIZE: Large

    p11150629_ph_detail_01.jpg p11150629_ph_detail_02.jpg p11150629_ph_detail_03.jpg
  2. how does his sizes run-what is a large?
    love the coat!
  3. I was looking at another Marc coat

    Size Length Bust Shoulder Sleeve Waist
    XS 33.5 36 14 16.5 35
    S 34.5 37 14.5 16.5 36
    M 34.5 38 15 17 37
    L 35 40 15.5 17 39
  4. ^ they look so similar! cant tell the difference!! both are cute bag.lover i think you should go for it!

    im heading to bloomies this afternoon! ill keep an eye out for you!

  5. I have a similar style coat from Marc which is a Medium. I wear a size 6 on top in Anthropologie (I reference Anthro, b/c that's where I normally shop). I'm 5'6 if that helps. The coat is a bit tight around the chest/shoulders but roomy elsewhere.
  6. In my experience M by MJ runs a bit small. I've had trouble fitting into his Large and I am about a size 8-10 on top.
  7. ^ really? i find practically everything runs big :crybaby: barely anything in an xs fits me!!
  8. In my personal experience, I find that Marc by Marc runs pretty true to size or big. I size down on the clothes and the shoes are always half a size too big for me.
  9. ^ come to think of it, the sweater i got today did fit pretty well so I guess some pieces are tts.

    man i really wish they would be more consistent!
  10. i am a size small or xs and i wear size 2 or xs in marc he runs big!
  11. LARGE/10-12 is still available.

    MARC by Marc Jacobs*-* Wool Coat*-* Neiman Marcus

    MARC by Marc Jacobs Wool Coat in Ophelia Blue
    Was: $548.00
    NOW: $307.00
    • Tinted pearl (pale blue) felted wool.
    • Spread collar; double-breasted button front.
    • Belted back.
    • Side slash pockets.
    • Long sleeves.
    • 78% wool, 22% nylon.
  12. does anyone know of any sites, blogs out there like this purse forum but for clothing? specifically for marc jacobs/ marc by marc? i'm especially having trouble finding information for men's clothing.

  13. I have a couple M by MJ coats and have found they run pretty true to size in the body, but are usually a bit tight in the shoulder/arm holes. It can be hard to wear a bulky winter sweater underneath.
  14. I always have problems finding coats because I have a small ribcage (about 30" around) and a relatively small back, but I have massive ta-tas (30 DD, yes they're real :lol:), so nothing fits across the bust. :crybaby:
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