Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallets

  1. Does anyone have one? If so, what are their thoughts on it? I wanted to get the one from Net-a-porter seeing as it's only $74, but it's sold out! It would make me happy to match my Turnlock Teri with this Turnlock wallet!

  2. I think it's cute and I love MbyMJ leather. They're so supple and soft!
  3. i have one and love it. i've had it for 1 1/2 years and it has held up quite well.
  4. I have the MBMJ Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch, which I use as a wallet. It seems a little small to me, to be a clutch. But it's a perfect sized wallet.

    The leather is really soft, and my only complaint is that the hardware scratches and chips really easily. At least on mine. It seems like chunks of the gold color on the turnlock have flaked or chipped off from it being in my bag all the time. It's not *too* bad, but for almost $200 for a wallet, I am kind of disappointed in the quality of the hardware.
  5. ^ I know what you mean by the hardware getting scuffed up easily. The turnlocks on my Teri have quite a few scratches already!

    I think I'm going to get one! I've never had a matching bag and wallet before... haha, is that too much?!
  6. I resist buying marc jacobs wallets because of the hardware sticking out. I'm worried it will get caught on something as I fish it out of my purse.
  7. I have a luxy zip clutch and I'm in love with it! I think the turnlock flap wallets are more attractive but my zip clutch is so functional and easy to get in and out of.
  8. Oh no! I just ordered the clutch wallet. Have there been any issues with the turnlock breaking? Or is it just chipping/scratching?
  9. It's still on NAP (UK) and it's £66 in the sale, think it's a really sweet wallet. good luck:tup:
  10. ^ What do the zip clutches look like? It's like the wider version of the wallet, right? My concern with the turnlocks (even on my bag) is that they're going to fall off somehow! Hope that never happens!

    Still hoping that someone is going to return theirs soon... I can't resist a good deal (which is why I'm planning on getting the Turnlock Strike bag from NAP too!)
  11. there's the softy zip clutch that has two outer pockets. (from the softy max and tote line) this season I think it only comes in black. Then there's the luxy zip clutch with the MJ monogram (they still have those at Zappos)
  12. Here's a turnlock clutch:

    Here's the zip clutch:
  13. For anyone who has a MbMJ wallet - do you treat the leather before you use it? MbMJ leather is super soft, and especially with money and coins going in it, will treating it with something help prevent darkening stains?
  14. I LOVE my MBMJ Turnlock wallet! :tender: I have it in black clutch. The leather is super soft and supple. I never had the experience of the turnlock snagging any of my bags. As for the chipping of hardware and/or zippers, I haven't had that either.
    I have not treated the wallet w/ any leather conditioner b/c it is soft as if. Plus, I loved the texture of the leather when I first held it, that I was too scared I would in fact ruin the leather by putting some treatment on it.

    This is THE wallet I put in almost every one of my bags on a daily basis!

    You will NOT be disappointed w/ this wallet! :amuse: