Marc by Marc Jacobs vs. Marc Jacobs

  1. Hi all. I'm just now sticking my toe into the waters of the Marc Jacobs line. I've not seen any out in the stores here (it's pretty desolate for designer bags where I live unless you drive an hour!). Because of this, I'm stuck to online shopping. I've managed to figure out that the Marc Jacobs bags are his high end line and the Marc by Marc Jacobs are a lower priced line, but what IS the difference besides the price? Is the M by MJ a sporty line? Geared towards younger women? Made with lesser quality materials?

    I got the Sienna bag earlier this week (posted in this forum) and the M by MJ in talc (that I also posted about yesterday) is on the truck to be delivered today.

    I'm just curious what to expect, especially the leather quality. I got the Sienna off BG's sale site and it didn't say that the lining was fabric (I thought they were suede) and I was a bit surprised/disappointed since the Sienna is from the MJ line.

    I'm rambling, sorry! Anyway, I'd appreciate any info, opinions, etc. you lovely folks could offer......not that I need to develop yet another designer's label obsession!! :wtf:
  2. Marc by Marc Jacobs is a sportier line in my's his secondary, more affordable line. I don't think it necessarily means that the quality is not as high - I just think the styles are funkier and more trendy.

    I wear a lot of Marc by Marc Jacobs clothes and feel the same way about that line.
  3. I think Marc by Marc Jacobs is a more affordable line. I think the bags are more along the 200-300 dollar range. Marc Jacobs is the classic line with a higher price tag.
  4. I bought the Danielle bag y Marc by Marc Jacobs. Affordable and funky at 530.00. It has Marc Jacob letters all over it and is in a tan colour. It is a bulky hobo which is casual and fun. I get tonnes of compliments on it and it has the Marc Jocob name plate and lots of MJ details. Very happy with it. Check it out on

  5. the quality definetly shows in both lines, some of the MJ bags are not as practical for my style, its more refined and targeted audience for women, wheras marc by marc jacobs has the same quality, but its more fun and affordable in terms of the style and the hardwear and the fabric. granted they are not the same but if you do not want to buy a MbyMJ because you think the quality is secondary then i can tell you its not, but it is a more sportier line, geared to younger fashionistas, so if thats not your taste then it may not be your cup of tea. basically i look at it as a refined vs. fun. quality is always there, it just depends what your style is. and congrats on the purchases!! wear in good health!
  6. OK Ladies, looking for some input on these two. They are obviously two very different bags, but if you could only keep one, which would it be?

    Oops....excuse me now. I have to dust my mirror! :blush:
  7. I like number 2
  8. #2
  9. They are both nice, it really depends on your style & preference.
    The 1st one (white bag) is more casual & sporty looking, the 2nd one is sleek & classy (can be dressed-up more). I've never been too fond of hobo styled bags though so I prefer #1. Since you got a great deal for Sienna Hobo, it's more worth it in terms of value/quality.

  10. I like #2 better - the color is just very rich and expensive looking!
  11. I like the white one.
  12. i like the marc by marc jacobs shoes better than the mj line.
  13. Actually, I got the white one for a good price too: 50% off! :nuts:
  14. WOW!!! They are both keepers if you like them both. ^_^ The white one's very popular, it flies off the shelves of many stores. You are soo lucky to find it on sale too! May I ask where you get it from? I want.... =)
  15. Ooooo, you're going to hate my answer: Bergdorf's website/sales page. $125 and it was the last one.

    I'm on the fence simply because I DO like the both. I've wanted a white bag all summer but I didn't want to pay a fortune for one and I wanted leather. Frankly, I was shocked to see this on the BG sales page. I hit the "buy" key so fast the keyboard screamed in pain! :nuts: