Marc by Marc Jacobs Utility Carry All

  1. I'm not crazy about the bag, but I love the dress!
  2. Me too! A very cute dress, haha... But yeah, the bag is too plain and not big with metallic either.
  3. Do you guys think the straps are big enough for you to slide the bag over your shoulder?
  4. doesn't look like a shoulder bag....and i agree, very plain. and i have to wonder if the metallic is going to wear off.
  5. Looks like a crook of the arm bag to me.
    i think the bag is plain, I like the color but it seems like it's missing something.
  6. ^ Lack of some flashy MbMJ hardware maybe??!

    I hope there will be more interesting Spring bags coming out soon!
  7. Yeah, it needs some extra hardware to spice it up.
    The leather looks nice.
  8. it almost reminds me of a tods bag...very understated
  9. i saw this bag on the marc jacobs site. i thought it looked interesting. i think it's cute. plain, but cute. would love to see up close!
  10. hmm... I'm sure the leather is nice but it is kind of plain.
  11. Yeah that's exactly what's missing!
  12. A little plain...not my favorite
  13. i saw this in person today. SO BORING.
  14. Doesn't look like its worth the price!
    Was the leather stiffer than the usual MbMJ leather?
    It seems like it has alot of structure.