Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Satchel

  1. So, I'm smitten with this bag, but...what color would be better/more versatile??:

    I'm very careful with my purses, so dirtiness isn't MUCH of an issue, but of course still a consideration. Also, I don't have any other purses in either of these colors.

    I've been a long time admirer of MbyMJ and I would LOOOVE to add one of these to my collection of purses!
  2. Id go with the green
  3. Oh - forgot to mention, if anyone either owns or has seen these IRL, let me know what your opinions are!
  4. I love the green! I've been eyeing that exact bag!
  5. The colour is great, but it seems to me that this bag doesn't fit very comfortably over shoulders ... the photos show that ... .