Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock line

  1. My boyfriend is going to buy me a handbag from the Totally Turnlock line!!! :yahoo:

    Our anniversary and my birthday is coming up, and I told him that I've been eyeing the line since I saw it posted on this forum and eLuxury. He asked me if I really wanted it, and to tell him what color!

    I'm so excited!!! So now, I have to decide what color I want and wait it out until our anniversary, which comes first. I'm not sure what style it's going to be, so I told him to at least surprise me on that.

    Just wanted to share a piece of "Happy Friday" news!
  2. Yay! Happy Anniversary, Birthday and Friday, Suli !!:flowers:
  3. That's awesome Suli!! Happy anniversary and birthday to you!!!

    Whichever color you choose, it'll be GREAT. I found that all the colors in the totally turnlock line are gorgeous IRL, very rich. Let us know what he surprises you with!
  4. Your Happy Friday news is great! Happy Anniversary & Birthday. =)
    Keep us updated on the color & style you will be getting. =)
  5. Thanks everyone!

    We actually saw them at a local Barney's Co-Op in the satchel and Teri styles. I'm falling in love with the Teri style, especially the yam color. I was weary about the color at first because nearly every online retailer had different representations of the color. eLuxury had 2 different versions, but I found the one posted on Shopbop is the closest. It's a bright tan with orange undertones, but not over-the-top. Totally, I'm leaning towards that color now. We'll see what I end up getting next month!
  6. aWw. what a sweetie! Don't forget to post some pics when you get your new bag!
  7. Glad you were able to see the color & style in person, can't wait to find out which combination you will get. Keep us updated. =)

  8. [​IMG]

    i want to see this bag on someone's damn shoulder or somethinggggg! Anyone have it yet?
  9. My friend has this bag, its super soft and is bigger than this pic looks. I kept on touching it, its much more softer than my bal bag. Theres a pic of a model carrying it on I would like to see the bowler if anyone has it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Oooh... Yea, I've seen the eluxury pics and the shopbop pics.. but those mannequins always give such a false sense of size sometimes... so I wanted to see if some members posted pics of theirs. :smile:
  11. ^^ Aw... that's ok, Jen. I should have mine on monday ish
  12. Bergdorf's now is carrying the teri in a moss green, if anyone is interested.