marc by marc jacobs totally turnlock bowler

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  1. This bag retails at $398 and i was wondering if it is still out? Or gone? Where can i find it? Does it come in blue? I either want it in blue or green.. let me know thanks
  2. It does come in the cobalt or the olive green (I believe)

    I haven't seen any in stores or online.. if I do, I'll post. I'm sure someone else has some more info for you
  3. Try calling a Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique, I saw both Carbon Blue & Moss the last I was there.
  4. Its really hard to find now but I just ordered mine in Black yesterday @ Nordstrom online but it sold out immediately, it comes in Moss it looks nice a dark olive green... I'd say keep checking alot of people have been helpful in tracking down sightings of it in stores!
  5. Carbon blue.. d'oh! Ah well.. at least I knew it was a C hahaha.
  6. Does the marc by marc stores still carry this bag? i want it in red green or blue i really want blue THANKS
  7. I saw a blue bowler (and several Totally Turnlock bags) at Macys in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. You might call around to some Macys stores!
  8. Firebird Red is an older color, it might not be available. I saw the Resort 06 colors at Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique the last time I was there, try giving the LA store a call.

    Resort 06 colors: Black, Carbon Blue, Moss, Sunset
    Fall/Winter 06 Colors: Black, Firebird Red, Yam, ..
  9. I haven't seen it in blue, but I'll bet it's great. Haven't seen any in stores or online in awhile. I hope they haven't discontinued it. I have one (black) and it's so versatile, easy to use, soft, etc. Just love it.