Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunnies in Canada

  1. Hey everyone, I'm usually more of a Vuitton girl (obviously !) but I've fallen for MJ, more specifically, a pair of sunnies !

    eLUXURY - Marc by Marc Jacobs - Scramble Sunglasses Marc by Marc Jacobs

    Does anyone know which stores carry Marc by Marc Jacobs in Canada ? I've been looking all over, and I either come up with nothing or just Marc Jacobs ! Any help would be greatly appreciated. :graucho::graucho:
  2. I have no idea, but do you know anyone in the States that can just have those sunnies sent to them and then send them on up to you? My girlfriends in Canada use me as their own personal P.O. Box. :p :lol: I'm always sending them stuff from companies that won't ship to Canada.

    Do you guys have the Off 5th, Last Call, and Nordstrom Rack stores up there? I always see a ton of MJ glasses in those stores.
  3. Unfortunately, Saks and Nordstrom don't exist in Canada ! Looks like US mail order is the way to go ! :sad:

    Thanks tho !
  4. Those are adorable! I've tried them on before, and they fit well!

    I think the MBMJ boutique will ship to Canada, you should call one and ask.
  5. I've seen ONE pair in the eyeglass section of the Bay, although not the ones you posted. But it might be worth looking in one of the bigger Bays.