Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses UNDER $100!

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    I know Marc by Marc is his cheaper line, but I was shocked these were BOTH under $100! I have no problem spending lots of money on shades. I spent $350 on my CHANEL's. I might get the second pair though! I added the link that says where to go them:

    click here
  2. I LOVE my MBMJ sunnies, they fit so much better than the MJs. And you definitely can't beat that price, nor do I feel as bad when I carelessly toss them around in my bag. :p

    You might want to be careful.. this is the 3rd time you've referenced that website, and only your 8th post. Not sure if the mods will consider that soliciting.
  3. oh gosh - thanks for the tip! I had no idea!
  4. id look like some kind of bug with those on :sad: I tried on some Tom Ford whitneys, and i looked like a fly :sad:

    Thiti : which ones do you have? :smile: thanks
  5. hahaha, I would too.:supacool:
  6. I was at Nordstrom Rack the other day and they had BINS full of Marc Jacobs and M by MJ sunnies for $59.99. So I'd say DEFINITELY have a look at the Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, Lohmann's, etc. before spending even $100!!

    None of them fit me, BTW. I have a very small face. Small hands. Smell like cabbage. :roflmfao:

    ETA: ^^That's a joke, BTW. About the cabbage.
  7. Haha! For a moment there I was actually confused as to why you would reveal that. Thanks for the tip. I'll have to take a look at some of those stores.
  8. The ones I haven't aren't bug like, the lenses are not too oversized. They're black lenses with black frames, I use them mostly for driving. If I want the rockstar oversized glasses, I usually switch to my Gucci horsebit sunnies with gradient lenses. Here's a pic of my MBMJs:
  9. Really? I thought I smelled cabbage for some reason... :p

    I think I'm gonna run over to the Rack today! LOL...
  10. i've seen some styles at Nordstrom for under $100 as well

    I tried some on and they're sooooo much more comfortable/lighter than the MJ line and many of the M by MJ sunnies come with POLARIZED lenses which makes me super happy because I adore polarized lenses (much better for glare :smile: )

    BTW both M by MJ and MJ are manufactured by the same company

    I'm not sure if the ones at off 5th and nordstrom rack are the same quality/styles since the current company that makes them has only been making MJ for the last year or so, and M by MJ for a couple of months at most...
  11. No piccie :sad:
  12. Totally OT, but you guys knew what I was referring to with the "small hands, smells like cabbage" bit, right?

  13. hahaha, are you a "carnie?" i love The Simpsons!

    those glasses are a great deal..cute too!
  14. Do you mean you can't see my pics? Here's the thumbnails, I hope this helps! And I agree, I like these a lot because they're super light, and don't slide down my nose like heavier glasses do.
    saf-mmj007s-400x302.jpg saf-mmj007s-temple-400x254.jpg