Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses $47.98

  1. thanks so much for posting this!!!!! i've tried on these sunglasses a hundred times at Nordstrom, and could never quite make myself buy them. now i might get two pairs...since i just scratched the lenses on my guccis this morning...
  2. em!
  3. You should check out TJMAXX for mbmj glasses. I got two pairs in black that are sooo cute for $30.:yahoo:
  4. would anyone happen to have pictures of themselves with these sunglasses on?? *hopeful*
  5. This is such s great deal. So tempted to buy but I'm not sure how they would look on my face.
  6. Those are great prices! but definitely check your tjmaxx first....I got these mbymj but in solid black with silver for $22! They are listed on smartbargains for $65.

  7. lol my tjmaxx never has anything. NEVER.
  8. The UK version, TK Maxx, often has good sunglasses. When I looked last weekend there were a few Just Cavalli, Valentino, Ralph Lauren and Diesel pairs.
  9. same here
  10. I saw mbmj sunglasses @ NR for $30!

  11. Amanda, I went to the Off 5th today at Discover Mills, and they had a pair of these for $59, plus 20 percent off, which would average out to the same price. You wouldn't have to wait to get them or pay for shipping!
  12. I got the same one from century 21 in nyc for 30 bucks.
  13. Does smartbargains sell auth merchandise??