Marc by Marc Jacobs store!

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  1. Hey guys i just got back from the Marc by Marc store in San Fran, they are having a pretty good lil sale, i picked up matte quilted zip for 70% off! they are really getting rid of their matte leather items, they also had some fab leather gloves for $25 originally like $80. A lot of sale on clothing as well CHECK IT OUT!

  2. i wonder if the sale is going on for the nyc store too. thanks for the heads up.
  3. or the chicago one?! eh i doubt it. its too new for sales i bet.
  4. Thanks for sharing! Will definitely check it out.
  5. oh thanks! i will try to go there on thursday. hope there will be things left!
  6. thank you for sharing. hubby and i are actually gonna be visiting the store later today. its funny coz the SA who was helping me said that their clothing never goes on sale. they usually ship them out to their vendors and only the shoes goes on sale. what an idiot! thanks again for the heads up!