Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 Website Collectios

  1. Hi Girls,

    Quick question... There are more hanbags shown in the pictures of the Spring 2008 Read-to-Wear collection (some really cute ones) than on the actual Spring 2008 Bags link. Does anyone know if the bags in the RTW pics will be released for spring as well?

  2. Did you look under spring exclusives? There are a few there that were featured in the RTW pics like the Mika, and the NS Frame. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. ok ok where do i go to see...and pleaes someone tell me how to find out what collection my new bags are from...someone said it is on the tags but i don't see it?
  4. Go to the website...


    2.) click on MARC JACOBS COLLECTIONS (or MARC BY MARC JACOBS) and you will see 2 more rows of hyperlinks

    3.) click on BAGS in the 2nd row

    4.) choose a season in the 3rd row
  5. I am sort of fascinated by the yellow patent leather Blake. I can't decide if I like it or not. Love the Blake, love patent, but this is going to take some getting used to! I saw an orange one at Neiman's as well.

    Sep, I have been meaning to tell you that I LOVE your signature with the spring bags.
  6. WOW!^^ Did you see a picture of the patent leather Blake too? - Don't see it on the MJ website.