Marc by Marc jacobs Spring 2008 handbags

  1. Does anyone know when the new Spring 2008 Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags will be in stores? I asked someone who works for Marc and they told me February but I dont know which day exactly.
  2. I'd like to know about it, too ... because I'm going to New York ... probably end of March ... and it'll be my chance to buy a MbMJ bag in the beautiful grass color!
  3. I'm new to this forum... but just visited yesterday, because I got my first MbMJ bag! A Dr. Q Groovee satchel in mouse gray! It was a total impulse buy, but I love it!

    Back to the topic, the MbMJ store in San Francisco has put out at least 10-15 bags for the spring '08 line. They just got them in on Tuesday, I believe. There were some cute patent turnlock bags in black, white, kelley green, tote bags with various polka dots, as well as some leather bags in cream, black, and a tan color, all with gold hardware. Please excuse me if I'm naming colors and bags incorrectly... I have yet learn all the MbMJ terminology! :smile: I was so close to purchasing the '08 black Groovee satchel with gold hardware - it's beautiful!
  4. I want one in grass color!
  5. where can i see the whole line on line???
  6. perhaps? :wondering The midnight blue for the MbyMJ line looks delish!
  7. The SA I asked told me they're getting in a new shipment in two weeks.
  8. Has anyone seen the MbMJ Embossed Dot IRL?? I saw it on the Zappos site and I think I might be in love. If so what do you think of it??
  9. I've seen it in person at Barneys and I think it's rather cute and fun. Which item from the embossed dot are you thinking of? :smile:
  10. I am thinking about the Dot Tote. Can it be worn on the shoulder?

  11. Here is a close up of the inside and the detail.:love:

  12. I saw the tote but unfortunately I didn't tried it on. :s I'm heading to Nordies tmw so if there is one there I'll try it one and see if I can possible sneak in some shots for you maybe? :graucho:
  13. Oooooh, thank you.:flowers:
  14. ^^ Sorry but no Dot Embossed items were spotted in Nordies today. In fact, I was disappointed that they didn't have any MJ Collection bags. There were only MbyMJ items and relatively few items, mainly from the Turnlock line. No spring items. :sad:
  15. ^^ Thanks for checking.:flowers: I will check Von Maur tomorrow, they get a few MbMJ bags. At least with Zappos if you do not like it the return is easy.:tup:
    Thanks a million!!