Marc by Marc Jacobs side button boots


Oct 19, 2006
Hello everyone I am DESPERATE for those side button boots... who lives in New York?? Can you go to the macys and see if you can find some for me. size 38.5 black. I want them SO BADLY. the SKU number is 884312230214. just to let you know they are on sale from the original price $530 so you can get them cheap i will pay you 530 for them and give you nanette lepore tops and marc jacobs tops for free. I will also give you some marc jacobs mouse flats size 38 and a marc jacobs purse for free. i am FREAKING DESPERATE for these shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help me I will make you one great deal if you do this for me. please do this for me. I have called everyone i cant find these boots anywhere. i want a pair SO BADLY. i will do anything... I have dolce and gabbana sunglasses i can give you I have marc jacobs sunglasses. I am willing to do everything to get these heres the picture

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Mar 1, 2006
^ Hey MarcJacobsAmy, we are not allowed to start a new thread in the Reference Library. Only the Mod starts thread and moves thread from the main forum onto here.

Soliciting sales is prohibited on tPF as well.

Please repost in the main MJ forum. You can ask members to notify you if they come across the item(s) in the store, you can then buy from the store directly.