Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes 75% off at Standard Style

  1. OHHHH!! I wish I saw this earlier... I want those army heels...but no more in my size- thanks for posting
  2. I just ordered this blue shoe using the code JESSICA2 for 20% off!!!! Total $70.20!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    category: Women's - Heels [​IMG]
  3. Ooh, lucky you! I would have ordered something myself, but (as usual) they have nothing in my size...
  4. Wow, thanks for the code!

    Congrats on scoring the shoes. ;)

  5. Thanks! I have been eyeing those shoes for days now, and called SS because even though the sale showed 75% off MJ shoes, these were still showing up as $163. The very nice young man with whom I spoke said that he would report it immediately. After having tried about 3 different codes unsuccessfully, I asked him about whether they applied to discounted merchandise. He stated that they did not. This is my first pair of MJ platform shoes, and I was somewhat uncertain as to what size to order not knowing how they would fit...thought about driving to the mall to try on a similar pair. However, when I noticed that the price had been corrected and on top of that, finding a code that did apply, I decided to go for it. Didn't want them to sell out in the meantime. Hope to God that they fit me! These will really look great with jeans.
  6. Thank you so much for posting this!
    I just got these shoes and with the JESSICA2 code it was only $90 including shipping! :yahoo:
    I hope I like them IRL and they fit because they don't accept returns on sale items.