marc by marc jacobs shoes 70% off

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  1. I saw in New York Metro that all shoes at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker are 70% off. If someone goes, can you report back on the selection.
  2. omg. *jealous* wish they sold them online
  3. ahuhs so unfair :sad:
  4. That is a great deal.
  5. i'll be going in boston !
  6. I don't heaar this, lalalalala I'm not supposed to be shopping
  7. did anyone see any mouse flats?
  8. waw...i want the mouse flat!!!!im looking for it everywhere..i just found it at ebay, but im too afraid buying things from ebay.hehe..
    do u guys know is there any store still have it?well, besides ebay:P
  9. AHHHHH New york is obviously the place to be!!! :nuts:
  10. ah....why not online!!!!
  11. just called mouse flats were on sale, but they're sold out :sad:
  12. wish i live in the east coast
  13. Are you sure? I checked and there was no mention of this sale. Is it really 70% off straight up or up to 70% off? I'm going to try and pop in the store tomorrow and see what's going on, I think they open at 11am. :nuts:
  14. DO NOT BUY MOUSE FLATS ON EBAY. i got a pair last year at bergdorfs and i have compared them to about all of the ones on ebay and they are almost always fake. If anyone has any questions about authenticity on mouse shoes on ebay (specific links) i can help ya out!
  15. I just walked by the Marc Jacobs shop on Maiden Lane in Union Square (San Francisco) --they had a discreet little sign that said "40%-70% off" for their Fall/Winter lines.

    I didn't have time to really shop but they had some NICE stuff out! Just thought I'd pass it on!