Marc by Marc jacobs red bag MINE

  1. This is my red bag. What is this one called? Its so cute I think i might sell it i dont know.. what do you think>? it has an adjustable strap also with snaps that say MJ MJ MJ. its so cute i just dont know if red fits me so well.. its such a cute bag though...
    red bag 1.JPG red bag 3.JPG red bag 6.JPG red bag 5.JPG
  2. its a cute bag!!! love that style but cant help with the style name because im not familar with it
  3. Sweet. That bag is wonderful. Congrats!!!
  4. Very pretty bag
  5. Hey~ you have a larger version of the same line in beige/off-white colour, right? I think the big one looks nicer, but this red one is cute too! :heart:
  6. I think it looks great- i like pairing my red bag with navy and white (it doesn't look 4th of july or anything).

    I also love your petrol bag!!
  7. I think the bag looks pretty, it is so gorgeous!
  8. it looks really cute with ur outfit. i want a red bag too..
  9. Porkchopz, i love your bag in ur id icon too...LOL vbmenu_register("postmenu_2296198", true);
  10. its a cute bag!!!
  11. it's very cute.
  12. Ooh it's really cute!
  13. I think it looks really cute on you! Keep it!
  14. AW thanks yeah its the smaller version of my beige one. I ended up listing it on eBay because my boyfriend said i dont need so many bags! haha. but i do want that Jazz bag... he will kill me
  15. OMG! I'm sooo jealous too! :yes: