Marc by Marc Jacobs Quality JJ Bag?

  1. I am contemplating purchasing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Quality JJ Bag, just for a fun knock-around bag, but what does everyone else think? I like big bags, but this one seems fun and really inexpensive.
  2. It's cute but for a fun knock around bag you could try Tano too. Only because I think the color is too dark.
  3. Cute. The leather looks luscious. The quilting is very unique. I like how the logo is pretty understated. Love the gold zipper with leather pull thing - very practical and chic feature. The dark colors make it very good for knocking around.
  4. I like it but be careful. I bought an MBMJ bag similar to that. It was the black denim striker bag and I got it from Zappos. I carried it about 6 days out of the two weeks I had it. And then I noticed that the color was fading off one side and turning from black to a weird orangey-grey color. (I am super anal about my bags and had done nothing to cause it). Zappos didn't have any more so they gave me a refund. After what happened though I probably wouldn't have wanted to exchange and don't think I'd go for another denim bag by MBMJ. I've had a few leather MBMJ's and those are great.