MARC by Marc Jacobs Purses

  1. I was browsing and noticed the MARC by Marc Jacobs purses. The leather looks so soft and they aren't too expensive and some are the perfect size bag I'm looking for.


    i really love this one - does anyone have this? it says the straps are only 6 inches. is that long enough to go over my shoulder?

    bowler marc.jpg
    this one is cute also

    any opinions are very helpful!! Thanks in Advance:smile:
  2. I own the Tina in red(the first pic).. it's a great bag... large .. and yes, the straps fit comfortablly on my shoulder.
  3. I have the tina, and yes it fits over your shoulder just fine. Even with a jacket.

    I fit two books, my cosmetics case, my knitting project, wallet, clutch, cell phones and chargers, ipod, and hairbrush in it and there's still room. It's really big.

    And the leather is amazing to the touch. I've been carrying mine everywhere for the last month and there's no wear at all.

    Hope that helps.
  4. I own the Totally Turnlock Bowler in Black (second pic). I love it!! Here's a pic of mine:

  5. I love them!
  6. they're great....lots of info on them over on the MJ forum. the tina is B-I-G, though, just to warn you. i stop to look at it literally every time i see it, but when i try it on, it just doesn't look right on me. could be because it's stuffed full, though....

    i have heard (and found with my short-lived turnlock experience) that the color has been known to rub off on clothing....anyone else had this problem?
  7. what a great line of bags!love em.
  8. 11"HX 21"LX 3"W those are the measurements that is kinda big for me thanks for the warning shoppingsmycard i don't have any stores near me that sell M by MJ :cry: so i can't judge in person ...

    purly & luna do u have pics of your tina?? can u post them if u do ?

    missypoo your bowler is gorgeous! that is the black one? i think it's just the lighting and maybe my computer but it looks a little purplish? does it go over your shoulder?

    thanks for everyone's advice!
  9. I own the bowler in it ..have been using it for quite a while. It is light which is a huge bonus for me...I have the pics on the Thefashionspot forum under the MArc by MArc JAcobs thread. :yes:
  10. i love the second, and have seen them personally, not the other one! But I love how it looks.. so soft, and a great day bag etc
  11. A card comes with the Marc by MJ bowler saying the color may transfer, so they warn you. I bought one for a relative and tried it on over my shoulder. It was a bit snug, but I'm overweight, so I think a normal size person would feel very comfortable with it. It's a great size, and the leather is TDF, right Missy?
  12. I have the 2nd bag in chocolate brown. The leather is soft but substantial and I can easily carry it on my shoulder. It's roomy and has pockets inside for a PDA/cell and another item.
  13. Purly -- your bag looks great!
  14. The leather on the Totally Turnlock line is definitely TDF. The leather is sooo buttery!

    I have the bowler in dk.brown and I love it! It's a great size and it fits fine on my shoulders. I've seen the Tina in person but it was too big for me unfortunately.

    There's some pics of the bowler (and the teri if youre interested in that) here