Marc by Marc Jacobs posh turnlock convertible tote


sassy mama!
Apr 3, 2008
I want this!!! Anyone know where I could get one at a great price!! Red or white would be fantastic. Even yellow!! I tried it on and I fell in love today.
Mar 14, 2008
This is from his s/s 08 collection so a lot of these have not made it to the mark down table yet. However, I thought my Nordstrom SA said that it would availible during the upcoming sale. Her name is Caryn and she is very helpful and sweet. (714) 529-1023 ext.1250. I would give her a call and confirm right away. I would not want you to miss out if they are actually on Sale!! Tell her Jenny sent you :smile:. Your other option would be ebay. I have seen a couple of these pop up in the past few weeks for about a $50 discount. Good luck!!