Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Sasha Shoulder Bag

  1. ^HOLY COW ILUV!!!!! My sa in LA is supposed to call, too.
    But I think Im going to hold out for my pre-order since there might be some type of event going on but who knows. I'll get it when I get it ;)

    You must must take very detailed photos when you get yours!
  2. :nuts: I gotta HAVE THIS! I was debating on a new LV cause I want a new work bag..but after seeing this charmer..this is IT!

    Someone mentioned grey and that would be great but what about one in wine??? :graucho:
  3. it's supposed to come in Rust, but apparently MbyMJ stores didn't order the rust colored one (I have no idea why - I think that would be a better seller than blue)

    It is on the website as a Resort style too and the color that's shown is a Clay/Putty color (very pretty) - makes me wonder what other colors it will come in for Resort
    Just got the call from my SA in LA at MbMJ!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Im dying to see the rust color!
  6. Pics from my SA

    DSC04224.JPG DSC04225.JPG
  7. [​IMG]
    DSC04228.JPG DSC04229.JPG DSC04227.JPG
  8. It doesn't appear to be as large as it looked on that model in earlier pics (she must be VERY tiny!!)

  9. Ya, I'm guessing he model was about 5'-5'2
  10. Hmmm...the pics I have from my SA that brown doesn't look muddled like that.
    (I had a moment where I thought I would get the brown over the black)
    Going to wait until my bay stuff finishes out the auctions...and go for the o.g black.
    *Nordie's SA said they are getting a color called Marshmellow in...wonder that will look like!

  11. I think that might actually be a Resort color (maybe thats the one shown on the website?), which means they probably won't get it til late Oct/early Nov
  12. has anyone seen the rust color, now the the boutiques are not getting it :sad:
  13. whats the retail on these?
  14. $498 :yes: