Marc By Marc Jacobs Peace Tees, Accessories $5/$10

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  1. Just got this email, it applys to in stores/ charge sends incase anyone is interested:
  2. What stores are participating?

    Thanks ;)
  3. The San Francisco one sent me the email HTH.
  4. I'm sorry, what store is this?
  5. The Marc By Marc Jacobs store.
  6. Wow, I'd love a Peace tee. Thanks for posting!
  7. Just call Los Angeles's store, they sold out all the $ 5 good deal.
  8. thanks for the heads up!
  9. hmmm wonder if the west village store is participating... i would assume yes but you know what they say when you assume
  10. Awh, I just bought the umbrella bag this past weekend
  11. can someone post the phone numbers please?
  12. ok ignore my last post - I called the boston store. They have the $5 deals still! I'm gonna call my order in right now :smile:
  13. oh good! What are you getting?
  14. I basically got one of everything hahaha - umbrella totes, mens t-shirts, ladies t-shirts, and the peace tote. Total = 9 items for $45 PLUS $20 shipping. Not too bad :smile:
  15. Aww.. there is no MbyMJ store here.. sad ! :sad: