Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Utility Tote

  1. nevermind, i saw the bag IRL with a friend the other day. it's beautiful.
  2. It looks really good but I'm wondering if happen to drop your cell phone or anything else, digging to the bottom of the bag doesn't seem like fun.
  3. I like the beige patent one.
  4. [​IMG]
    Looks gorgeous on her!
  5. it looks much smaller with that model. it's actually very large. i think its cute though!
  6. :tup::heart:
  7. i own it & i love it, it's gorgeous. it's true about how you have to dig in to get anything, but otherwise you won't regret getting it. you can stuff a million things in it & it wouldn't look weird. & yes, it's larger than it looks on the model. i have the black patent one & i get a lot of compliments on it.