Marc by Marc Jacobs Mighty Weekender about 50% off

  1. Bloomingdales at Short Hills Mall in NJ has this bag on sale. Seems to be a mistake that they have yet to realize since other bloomies don't have it on sale. I got one today and there is only one left. It's about $205 plus tax. Please post if you pick this up!
    :tup: Happy Shopping.
  2. Omg!
  3. WOW! And aren't they doing an extra 40-50% off as part of their sale promotion?!

    I officially hate you and whoever else gets this bag. (And by hate I mean envy lol).

    EDIT: What colours did they have?
  4. That price is with the 40-50%. The one I got was black and the one that was left in the store when I left is also black.
  5. chingky, is it really enormous? Or does it slouch a bit? Did they have any other MJ on sale? Sorry, if I am asking as though you are some info booth... TIA!
  6. It is a big bag. My camera isn't working so I can't model it for you. I'm 5'7 and when it's on my shoulder it comes to just above the middle of my thigh. It doesn't really slouch as far I can tell but I haven't used it yet so don't quote me on that. I suppose it would if you had a lot of things in it. Hope that helps.;)
  7. has anyone gotten this yet? I'm heading there soon!!!
  8. did anyone get this? Pics?? :biggrin:
  9. Did anyone pick this up?