Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Leather Hobo

  1. hey, guys..
    what do you think about MBMJ's log leather hobo bag?
    I just received it,,, And first I was suprised how big this was.... I didn't expect to be this big...
    I just got this bag for easy-carry-around bag!
    so... i'm now thinking about wheather keeping it or not...
    what do u guys think???

    do u guys like it or not??? :confused1:
  2. There's another thread that was started about this bag... the official name is Danielle and I think it's a great casual bag IMO. It looks much better when it's upright and not slouched like it's shown in the photo.
  3. I'm not a fan of the embossed logo line, but if you love it, then keep it. If you can take a picture of you wearing it, that could help us decide if it looks right for you (althought that is still going to be up to you!).
  4. love it!!! i have the marissa in brown!!! so cute! check out they are on sale