marc by marc jacobs jeans

  1. Does anyone know how his jeans run? I'm trying to buy a pair online but my size in jeans varies so much between brands!
  2. I'm usually a 28 in jeans but I'm a 27 in MbyMJ jeans.
  3. They seem true to size to me (if measured by Sevens as a standard). I wear 25 in 7 jeans, and 25 in Marc Jacobs (I only have the skinny jeans, however).
  4. do they fit well?
  5. ^^^
    Well, everyone's body is different. I find that, for me, they are the most flattering skinny jeans.
  6. AMAZING I AM SO IN LOVE WITH MBMJ JEANS I HAVE ABOUT 7 PAIRS I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE THEM I CAN EVEN TAKE PICS IF YOU WANT TO SEE. I HAVE THEM IN INK, LIGHT DENIM, 2 PAIRS OF BLACK, 1 PAIR OF REGULAR AND SO ON. super amazing i swear. sorry for the caps. im normally a size 26 or 27 in jeans but in mbmj i am size 26. i range in his sometimes though. I recently bought the very skinny black ones from Neiman Marcus sale for 50 dollars@@@@ and those were size 26 and they fit me amazingly
  7. not to mention all the details that goes into the jeans. The button says marc jacobs so do all the tiny brackets and even the inside of the pockets are linned with colorful stripes and the little embroidered MJ and the amazing M butt pockets. SUPER ADORABLE best jeans i have and will ever have!