Marc by Marc Jacobs help

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  1. I recalled seeing a MbyMJ tote version of this bag:

    (Picture from eBay auction)

    It resembled the Totally Turnlock Teri. Does anyone know what the bag is called or have a picture of it? I've been trying to find it. I remember that NM had it for a while. Or, does anyone here actually have it?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Yes! That's it! I saw it IRL the other day and thought it was a MbyMJ but not sure what it was called.
  3. The bag's from MbMJ 2006. It's from the Viva la Val collection and I believe that's the slim satchel. It retailed for $398; the bigger version (the zip satchel) retailed for $458. The tote is the babe bag. I remember seeing the bags in store. They sold out reaaaally quickly.

    They're nearly impossible to find now but I luckily just scored myself one on ebay buy it now for $200 :yahoo:

    I also found this thread from about a year ago.

    Good luck trying to find one. I'll post pictures when I get mine :yahoo::wlae:

    Btw, google "marc jacobs viva la val" and you'll come up with maybe 4 or 5 links to pictures on blogs and such. The bag really looks gawwwjusss
  4. Congrats on your deal! As I recall, the bag in the auction you were talking about came NWT, so all in all, you scored a phenomenal deal. Super cute, super popular MBMJ styles are hard to find at a discount. Mostly the MBMJ fabric bags and the FUGS are put on sale!

    Congrats again!
  5. hello thats a cute bag. Can someone tell me the difference between Marc by Marc Jacobs and just Plain Marc Jacobs. Is their a subtle difference in the price.
  6. Marc by Marc Jacobs is the trendier, more affordable line.
  7. Just to add to this, Marc Jacobs collection bags are generally made in Italy. Marc by marc bags are often made in China and Indonesia. The quality is still really good. I just hope the workers are paid appropriately.