Marc By MArc Jacobs Flats are they real

  1. i have these in the heels... from what i can see the flats look good, but i am not an expert on the shoes.
    is it possible for you to ask the seller to send you more photos (of the sole, the instep, etc)?
  2. they sent me a pic of the bottom and it matches the exact pic on Zappos. I asked them abt the receipt and they said they have it but will not present it to the buyer. So i asked for a pic of the receipt (they can cover the price etc...) but they ignored my request.
  3. could you post the picture you got?
    i find it odd they wouldn't at least show you the receipt though...
  4. ^^ check the link it might have worked
  5. doesn't work. it sends you to hotmail. save it on the desktop and upload it and show us?
  6. the shoes look good
  7. grrrrr image shack or photobucket aren't working for me today
  8. [​IMG]
  9. yay i think it worked
  10. omg she replied back to my request for a pic of the receipt and this is what she said
    "I did get your e-mail. Unfortunately I will not be able to do that.Thank you."

    what a cow screw that i aint bidding she can take her shoes and shove 'em
  11. i almost bought those this weekend. they have them at DSW in Boston
  12. someone i know picked up a pair for me at the dsw in houston