Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah Hobo Bag??

  1. I was thinking about buying this bag... I really like the colors and as I don't wear much color in my wardrobe, I think I could pull off the crazy colors in a bag. What do you guys think of it?

    Does anyone have this bag and could show me a pic modeling it? And what season it is from.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I like it..I saw it on Cameron Diaz and it looked so cute..and if you don't where a lot of colors or do I think that it will a stand out a lot no matter what! I say get it!
  3. luvpurses24 posted this pic of Cameron Diaz with this bag. I have it and love it but haven't been able to use it more than once since I'm waiting for the weather to warm up. I can't wait to use's adorable! I will try to take pics modelling soon. I think it might be from Spring 2006 but I'm not positive.
  4. ok i bought it.... that photo of her with it is soooo cute. i'd still love to see your photos modeling it.

    hopefully it will show up- i've been having problems with bags on sale lately :sad:
  5. ^^congrats yes.please! Can't wait to see your pics! I think the bag is super cute and funky!
  6. What a cute bag!! I can't wait to see your pics!
  7. Yay!! I'm gald!
  8. nevermind!
  9. me too!!! i got the shipping confirmation this morning- so it looks like it's really on its way!
  10. i paid half that price!!!
  11. ohh now i know why :yucky:

    it came... i saw... it goes back.

    way too busy for me. ait also had a bunch of little holes in the front of it- like some moths had gotten to it.

  12. Sorry it didn't work out, it is a busy and bright bag! Mine is buried in my closet somewhere but when the weather warms up (though that won't be this week!) I can't wait to start wearing it! I have a lot of solid blue items (and of course black!) so I hope to be able to use it a fair amount.
    Let us know what you end up replacing this one with!
  13. Bummer about the holes! I think it looks awesome with your current outfit in the photo.
  14. beautiful