Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q large pleated tote

  1. what do u think about this bag?
    i'm thinking about purchasing this, but i would like to hear comment from those wh have this bag about the quality, the weight and all :smile:

    i also would love to see your bag if u could post it here :yes:


  2. I am also considering this bag as a travel bag. So I've been reading old posts about the bag. I haven't read yet whether it fits comfortably in the overhead on airplanes...if anyone has taken theirs on a plane, could you post and let me know.

    I think it has a great look. The only downside people have said it that it may be a bit weighty...but given it's size that seems a given to me.
  3. i have the satchel and it was slightly heavier than expected. I guess it is slightly heavier than my coco cabas which is probably my heaviest shoulder bag. I love the shape though! A lot of people have stopped me on the street asking me what bag I'm wearing as well.
  4. i tried it on, it's too big for me :sad:
    i'm planning it for everyday's bag and not as travel bag