1. Haven't read the whole thread, but I'd say go for it! Love this bag, hope to get one myself soon :amuse:
  2. Oops, saw it was an old thread now! Still want to get one though :p
  3. I just got one a couple days ago from Shopbop and I'm in love with her BIG time! My advice is get the color less chosen by the majority.. I picked mine in mink and it's just plain gorgeous. Here she is:
  4. Is your mink the lil Ukita?
  5. That colour looks gorgeous. Good choice!
  6. I know this older but what color is that brown one on the end? I love the color!
  7. I believe that's caramel. It is from a couple years ago but I saw a caramel Karlie at Nordstrom last month. Rum is really similar but with gold hardware.
  8. Thanks I def I have to look into it.. I like that color and the faded aluminum .. ; )
  9. There's a Faded Aluminum Lil Ukita on eBay :smile:
  10. Yes! :smile:
  11. Thank youu! ;)
  12. I just ordered the mink lil ukita from Piperlime with the 20% off discount code. :smile:
  13. I love it! I'm toying around with getting this color or the black. I'm worried that the mink might be too light & get dirty easily. Does it look as light in person as it does in this photo? The stock photos online make it look much darker.
  14. Thanks! Believe it or not it's even darker in person than in the photos you see here or on shopbop. It's a gray-ish pale purple but more to the gray side. But not too dark either. It's really hard to explain because the color is just so unique :p

    I say if you're going to use it a lot, just to be on the safe side, get the black one. I don't use this as my every day bag, more like my weekend bag.. So I think I won't worry about it getting dirty easily :smile: it also depends on how careful a person is..

    But I fell in love with this color (and the bag) from the very beginning and lots of people own the black one so I bought this color instead ;)
  15. i bought the same bag in the same color about two weeks ago and have worn it every single day. it matches with everything. love it!!!