1. I didn't know Aritzia carried the Ukita.. inneresting. Holt Renfrew should have the little ones! Maybe they're hiding. They have them in Edmonton, one black with gold HW and white with silver HW.

    I really like this bag as well, it's perfect for everything. The only knock was I wasn't able to try it on without the stuffing (well I could have, but didn't want to take the time since I wouldn't buy it full price anyways,) but it was pretty bulky so I'm sure it would be great with just the essentials. Also the handle is pretty stiff, which is great for a shoulder strap, but I find it a little weird when it's carried cross-body. That's just me though.
  2. Does this even come in the regular/large size any more? All I see are Lil Ukita's in store and online.
  3. I'm looking for the regular (larger) Ukita as well. Anyone have any luck?
  4. I just bought the Classic Q Lil Ukita Bag in Bordeaux for $299.60USD, it's a really interesting color ;)

    I got it from the Shopbopsite which started their 30% off sale today on a few MbyMJ bags!

    Selected colors only
    Classic Q Lil Ukita Bag $299.60 (Reg $428)
    Classic Q Hillier Hobo $299.60(Reg $428)
    Classic Q Mini Hillier Hobo $187.60 (Reg $268.00)
    Classic Q Karlie Bag $180.60 (Reg $258.00)

    They're probably going to sell quick, last time, i missed the sale on the Classic Q Natasha Bag! so i gave up waiting and bought this one, at least it's got a shoulder strap.
  5. Do they still make this bag in the tan color in the original post? Would love to have it
  6. Does anyone know where you can purchase the larger sized Ukita [not the lil Ukita] in Canada?! I adore the larger version!
  7. I'm not sure if Zappos or Endless ship to Canada but I believe the both havre black ones listed. A few weeks ago one in Espresso was listed on eBay.
  8. Also, has the large Ukita in Mink and Bone. Again, not sure if they ship to Canada.
  9. I think the Lil Ukita is adorable. It looks like a fine size for a day bag, though I wouldn't be taking it if I had a tonne of stuff to take.

    The new Coral Ukita out on Shopbop is especially adorable! I love the Black and Faded Aluminum fine, but there is something about the more seasonal, bright colours that really make the bag, IMHO.
  10. They only shipped around u.s. and it sucks that they dont shipped to canada.
  11. ships to Canada (in 2 days!) the Marc Jacobs site doesn't which makes no sense...
    I have the lil Ukit in Dirty Martini, I love it but I don't think you could fit books in it, the larger one might work, hopefully you find one!
  12. ^^saw one on eBay, its the classic and gray, was that the one you snagged ? and the price was amazing!
  13. Nope! I got one in a burgundy color. I did a reveal today :smile: