1. I tried the small Ukita at the mall but ended up getting the Natasha instead. It's really cute but the flap got in the way from opening it.

    (Crossbody style)

    (Shoulder style)

    (Handbag style)

  2. it looks really cute on you...but are you sure thats the small one? looks like the regular one to me!
  3. Thanks! Yes it's the small one. $398 retail. I'm about 5'1 and my scrubs didn't make it look nicer. :biggrin:
  4. hm the small one doesnt look that small! is the big one really huge then?
  5. Here's the size difference:

    The small size is (13" W X 10" H X 3 1/2D)
    The larger size is (15"W x 11"H x 5"D)
  6. Hi!
    I have stumbled across this forum while trying to figure out which Ukita bag to get. These pictures you've posted, are they of the little ukita? I'd really appreciate your feedback! Have you ever tried on the standard classic (larger ukita)? Just curious if you think it feels like a big difference in size.
  7. I love the Little Ukita.
  8. I have the larger Ukita that I use as a book bag for school. It can fit my lab]ptop (standing up but not closed all the way). I usually can fit two books, a notebook, and two water bottles in it :smile:

    I honestly think the normal Ukita is a little too big to use as an everyday purse without it looking too much like a messenger school bag. The Little Ukita is perfect though.
  9. any advice for someone deciding between classic ukita (large version) in gray vs hillier in port? thanks!
  10. Does anyone know roughly how much the little ukita can carry?

    I know I posted on a ukita thread that the normal size is too big for me... But lately I've been wanting to get this bag for school!

    Unfortunately, I cannot find the small or normal ukita anywhere (in Vancouver) so I can't compare the size in person!

    This is wut I normally take to classes:
    - A4 folder
    - 16oz klean kanteen water bottle
    - calculator
    - LV sarah wallet
    - small/medium sized agenda
    - small makeup bag (around the size of an LV french purse)
    - soft cover textbook (ocasionally)
  11. I honestly think the small Ukita would be too small for you to use as a school bag. I use the larger Ukita as a school bag ans sometimes find it hard to fit everything I need in it.
  12. Thanks! Do you find it hard to fit stuff in cuz of the flap?
    I remember seeing a black one at Aritzia a few months ago, but I dunno if it was the large or small (looked a little too big to be the small).

    I really want it, but I don't want it to "drown" me since I'm only 5'0" with a small frame. The largest bag I have is the large long handled Le Pliage and the size of that one isn't too overwhelming.
  13. I'm 5'2... Although its pretty big, I don't think it drowns me. It's not the flap that makes it hard to fit stuff, rather once you put a couple folders in, the opebing of the bag doesn't open up as wide so its hard to get things out without setting the bag down. I'll upload a couple pictures of how much te bag is able to carry later on tonight for you :smile:
  14. There's still a small ukita in Holt Renfrew Vancouver... Perhaps you can check out the size there?

  15. In my opinion the Small Ukita will not fit your needs. I found the small way to small. I got the large Ukita in a port. It is a little heavy but I am partial to big bags.