Marc by Marc Jacobs Chicago store

  1. Anybody know when it's opening? It's supposed to be August but there's only two more days left and I'm still no closer to knowing when it will finally be here!
  2. I know! i've been waiting for it too! I can't seem to find any information on it either!
  3. driving me crazy, I'm trying to get a couple of the 'special items' for a friend's birthday without having to deal with the hassle of shipping from NYC, plus spotted some aviators I'm really loving on Shopbop...and I want to go check out the purses of course! the new metallic softy zip clutch is on my birthday list.
  4. OMGoodness... where?
  5. it was supposed to open in august, now its been pushed back to october. i think it's going to be in bucktown? can't remember.
  6. OCTOBER?!?!!?!?... AAAAAHHHHH, I can't wait any longer, i need those Chicago MJ rain boots and a new purse. i've seen the store.... it's still under constructions, they don't even have "coming soon" signs :sad:
  7. It's on Damen, something like 1713 or 1714. So upset - October. It's not right! I guess he will wait until Fashion Focus to get max exposure.
  8. I was just in wicker park/ bucktown today and i still can't for the life of me figure out where the store is going to be! OCTOBER??!!!! really? or is he tricking us....
  9. Hey ladies,

    Can anyone confirm whether or not this MBMJ store in Bucktown has opened up or not? I tried looking around online and his web site to no avail. Any info would be much appreciated. This is so exciting that he's finally opening up a store in Chicago. TIA.
  10. Ok.I just drove by there the other day, it's near the new bcbg store. The store sign was up but the windows were still black. Somewhere I read that they were going to open before thanksgiving...
  11. oh ma gawd, i have to be in chicago end of this year then, wooohooo mbmj. thanks for letting me know ladies