Marc by Marc Jacobs Chalk Stripe Denim Satchel

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  1. Hi Abaglover, shopping for more bags? LOL! =)
    How are your bbags lately? Been carrying those mostly these days?
  2. Hey bag.lover!! No, I'm not shopping ... just looking :angel: ! My Bbags are GREAT :heart: ! I carried the lilac one for a week. Then I switched to some other bags for a day or so each. And now I'm carrying my cornflower work :love: . Oh, I love them alot!! If money were no object, I think I'd buy the fire engine red work that esile has and a grenat work. And maybe a black work ... ha ha! And I've been eyeing all the fall Marc Jacobs bags which are really beautiful. And then there's the black Kooba Ada ... What about you? What are you looking at these days?
  3. Good luck to someone who is looking for it! It's really cute!
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