Marc by Marc Jacobs Camo Flat

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  1. What do you ladies think of this M by MJ flats?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  2. Those blue ones are badass!
  3. fun to look at but idk if I would wear 'em
  4. not my style sorry
  5. Yeah, I couldn't do it personally.
  6. not for me
  7. They are ok ... I like the mouse flats better! :yes:
  8. OMG! I think they're ADORABLE!! i need to keep my eyes peeled out for those!
  9. they are cute, but i don't know if i'd wear those...
  10. Cute!
  11. Camo is VERY hot in this area.
    I like it usually but don't love those flats personally.
  12. The flats are cute, but I don't like either of the patterns.
  13. I like the patterns but think they would look better as heels
  14. Thanks ladies for the feedback...really appreciate it.

  15. I love them and I think they'd look really hot with jeans!
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