Marc by Marc Jacobs bags

  1. Does anyone know if all of the Marc by Marc Jacobs are made in China? I got the Softy Tote from Nordstrom and it was made in China.

    Edit: Does anyone have and feedback on the quality of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags? i.e. You have carried one everyday for the past year and it still looks new? (Seams look good, etc...)
  2. My MMJ Totally Turnlock Bowler was made in Indonesia. It was used nearly every day over the winter (not a year, but maybe 5 months)--and I'm not careless with my bags but I don't baby them either. It looks new--seams are good, no loose stitching, scuff marks, etc. I'm really pleased with the quality.
  3. hi tannad, I have several mbymj clothings and they are made in china and I also heard some of mbymj bags were made in Indonesia, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of them are made in China. It doesn't mean it's a fake.

    I don't have mbymj handbags at the moment. I had them long time ago and sold them on eBay, but I know some of tpf-ers have complained before about the quality of the bags. I think it's just your luck with the bag itself cause I know a lot of people who have mbymj don't have any problem with theirs. Are you thinking of getting one?
  4. I picked one up earlier this week at Notrdstom: the Softy Tote. I plan on carrying it everyday. I guess I am having second thoughts on this bag and am debating on taking it back and getting a 'real' Marc Jacobs bag. Just wondering if the quality is different between the Marc by Marc Jacobs and a Marc Jacobs. (I understand you get what you pay for, cheaper labor in China, etc....)
  5. any labels/tags to see the mfg country and where is it located? mine is a newly acquired Miss Marc Katie tote ..
  6. ^ tannad: I'm looking into a softy tote too! Was there something you didn't like about it??

    From what I've been hearing, it seems like the quality is very good for the price you pay for.
  7. The stitching on the straps was off. I have never had a purse where the stitching wasn't perfect. I returned it today. The SA at Nordstrom also said that stitching wasn't right. I am thinking of getting the Marc Jacobs quilted tote or the Botkier Bianca, any suggestions? Telicious, I hope that you have better luck.
  8. There is a small tag sewn inside the purse.
  9. thanks tannad ..mine's made in indonesia if thats the case :p