Marc by Marc jacobs bags at 40% off at Bluefly

  1. I have the creme one in my cart right now!
  2. I just ordered the creme one! I used MISS236 and got another 15% off! I hope I don't end up returning it!?!?!:p
  3. nice bags!
  4. Good deal! Thanks for the code.
  5. oh , my God....your are so smart
  6. ordered the last mauve faridah and used shop337 to get another 20% off! Technically it would've been around $189 USD.... (save 56%) but stupid Canadian shipping is $34 *sulks* + customs + conversion.... i hope it's still a gd deal after all that!

    Thanks OP :smile: or should I be upset cos i'm spending $ again ...LOL...j/k ;)
  7. Do they still sell fake bags??? I want to buy some bags, but my past experience tells me not to.:crybaby:
  8. Thank you so much for posting :flowers:

    I just got the teal krazy kord 'Commuter' satchel with extra 15% off :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I've loved this bag for forever :heart:
  9. They say things are authentic these days, but definitely check the bag if you buy from them. Things occasionally slip through because of returns.
  10. I just got a gorgeous GUCCI guccissima bordeaux for only $771! It is AUTHENTIC and has a tamper-proof security tag that says "Do not remove this tag until you are sure you are happy with your purchase... to ensure the authenticity of all bluefly product...this item cannot be accepted for return once this tag has been removed"