Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

  1. What do you thinkof this line? Is the quality comparable with Marc Jacobs regular line? Are they also made in Italy? Do you like this line more compared to other similar prices bag (like Coach,kate spade, etc)? Thanks for the input.
  2. this line seems to be more for the younger consumers and the quality is still pretty nice. I don't know if it is made in Italy like regular MJ, but I really like SOME of their bags. Sometimes it looks to childish. I would rather get a coach than M by MJ, IMHO.
  3. not made in italy.. nooo wayy..

    china, taiwan

    usually marc by marc jacobs is more expensive than coach, kate spade.. a fabric bag by marc will be as/more expensive than a leather one from coach
  4. Hi Nefredity -- I like the Marc by Marc Jacobs line ... well, most of them. I have some of the canvas bags and they're pretty well made. I also got a burgundy leather tote which I LOVE :heart: way more than I thought I would. The leather is super soft and the bag is really roomy. I see too many Coach and Kate Spade bags so I think Marc by Marc Jacobs is a nice change.